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2015-08-31 12:46 pm

[exo] the craigslist request | joonhyun

the craigslist request ; joonmyun/baekhyun ; pg-13 ; alcohol (not abuse, though), language ; au ; 26,665 w

Picture this-- a coat with a key ring in a pocket, an identical coat but with an avocado in the pocket instead of a key ring, and some harmless, de-stress nightlife activity.

written for iwantchocopie at[personal profile] baektobaek '14.

Baekhyun looks up, eyes glassy. )
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2014-07-27 02:00 pm

[exo] buzz feelings | joondae

buzz feelings ; joonmyun/jongdae ; pg-13 ; language, xiuyeol, a butt plug ; cafe (sort of) au ; 14,458 w

it takes about twenty five days and nights for joonmyun to pull his head out his rectum. which is to say, just under six hundred hours for him to work up his guts and get to first base -- and if you think about it that way, well. it's a start.

written for [ profile] sengen35 at round 2 of [ profile] criticalcapture !

he starts pulling on a pair of pants before he realizes he’s already wearing pyjamas and should probably consider taking those off, first. )
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2014-07-27 12:04 am

[exo] primary | fanxing

primary ; yifan/yixing ; nc-17 ; alcohol, smoking, (heavy mention of) minor character death ; au ; 24,723 w

yifan’s dreams are almost always monochrome, grays on whites on blacks. rocks, the sea, the sky, the sun. but sometimes, there is a distant figure that seems to be silhouetted in something that looks like red.


stop-motion )
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2014-07-26 11:38 pm

[shinee] oh, you pretty things | jongyu

oh, you pretty things ; jonghyun/jinki ; nc-17 ; character death ; dystopia au ; 11,791 w

jonghyun never knew of this, of white pikes coming down from the sky, or the loud war drums that it played. ‘
precipitation,’ jinki pronounced, carefully. ‘people used to call it rain. harmless water from the clouds.’ it takes a long time for him to like it.

this was an early birthday present for[ profile] volti_subito last year.

[ profile] swiftlocks and thy helped more than they know.

all the nightmares came today )